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    As an affiliated company of Zhejiang International Trade Group Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Textiles Imp. & Exp. Group Co., Ltd is one of China’s major professional companies of import and export of textiles. It has a long history and good reputation. In recent years, we have been continuing to maintain a good momentum of development with the great support and assistance from government departments at all levels, chambers of commerce, and the social from all walks of life. We have won the trust and cooperation of our customers and suppliers at both home and abroad.  In 2013, we achieved a business income of 3,715 million Yuan, the total import and export volume reached to 470 million U.S. dollars. Hereby I’d like to express our lofty respect and heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels who have been giving us support for years, and all friends at home and abroad.


    We have recently accomplished 《the Company’s Development Strategy Planning during 2013-2020》. As per the planning, we will be fulfilling our strategic transformation from a single trader to supply chain management services throughout a period of eight years. Our direction is to transform from a single trade-oriented business mode to a moderate combination of industry and capital management. This will gradually be forming a stereo business combination with the trade circulation industry in center, and supply chain finance service and health environmental protection industry as strategic and emerging business respectively.


    Our values are “Responsibility Casts Integrity; Innovation Creates Excellence”.  We adhere to our business philosophy of “Quality First, Customer First and Win-Win Cooperation”, and our management philosophy of “People-oriented, Innovation, Standardization and Efficiency”. We try to seek a new breakthrough in the market development, product development, customer service and employee team constructions. We strive to achieve the enterprise mission of “ Promote the trade circulation, Serve the quality of life”. We also strive to become the most innovative trade circulation service in China.


    We expect to have the support and help from all friends at home and abroad as always. Let us have sincere exchanges and friendly cooperation, and let us be hand in hand to seek common development.



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